Dahlia:curate – Our #spring_inbloom instagram project

After Christmas, we had a lot of weird and gloomy weather didn’t we… it was pretty depressing and spring seemed to be a long way off. Inspiration was hard to find and even the usual snowdrops and daffs were slow in appearing. Blossom was also late to bloom up here in West Yorkshire even though I could see it on other people’s instagram feeds. 

My friend Andrea from @littlefamilylondon and I decided to launch a # competition called spring_inbloom. The idea was to create weekly prompts for those who wanted to take part, to inspire us all out of the winter drudge and into the season of hope and pretty blooms. There was a prize for each week and we started on 1st May.


WEEK 1: Outside – flowering gardens, blossom and wildflowers

The prize was a £30 bouquet from the lovely Bloom & Wild and the winner was this stunning image by @foxglove_and_ivy


Why we loved it:

The combination of the uplifting yellow of the rape seed against the blue sky instantly gave us both a colourful lift! There’s plenty of ‘space’ around Rachel’s eldest daughter and the shape made by her upraised arms and hands creates the perfect composition.


WEEK 2: Flowers in vases or some kind of receptacle, could be a basket, teapot, glass… 

The prize was an exquisite hand made pomander kindly given by @ruth.eaton, who helped us choose this beautiful winning flower filled basket by @cakeandmoss


Why we loved it:

Again, great composition – the off-centre basket, the fallen branch across the grass and the absolutely gorgeous blossom in the basket. And not forgetting the pretty shades of pink! Such an inspiring pic of the blooms this spring.


WEEK 3: Wreaths & flatlays

The prize was a backdrop by @Photoboardshq, and owner Lyndsey helped us choose this gorgeous hand-crafted wreath by @thecosyshed


Why we loved it:

This pic is beautifully lit and we adored the wreath that was made by Emma and her mum from their Virginia Creeper with interwoven flowers from the garden. The colours are really pretty and we loved the rustic element.


WEEK 4: Creative – anything goes – think outside the box and go for it!

The prize was Rachel Ashwell’s recently launched book, My Floral Affair and our last winner for this season was @tamsynmorgans lovely capture below


Why we loved it:

Whimsical with a vintage twist, this pretty capture by Tamsyn is beautiful in every way. The oh-so-pretty colours and the combination of the blooms on the eiderdown and on the wall meant it was the obvious winner!



We were both totally overwhelmed by the beautiful pics that quickly starting appearing, so many gorgeous ideas and colours – a real burst of inspiration for us all and we have just hit 1K on the hashtag page! Andrea and I have been touched by the lovely comments we’ve had, so much so that we’d like to make this a seasonal project that will run quarterly – so look out for our next project that will be running soon 🙂





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