Dahlia:curate – One vase, three floral looks

No.1 single stem

If you choose the right vase, you’ll be able to use it many times and create different looks with it. The key is to pick a versatile design. This pretty blue vase was given to me as a present (I believe it was from Nkuku) and I’ve used it so many times. I love the irregular organic shape and the fact that it has no straightness whatsoever – sadly this particular vase is now discontinued, however their Toska glass bottles will give a similar look.



In the top image we have one single stem, the bold pink contrasts well against the blue and is of a similar tone (brightness) to the yellow mug. When you are styling you always consider the overall look and how the different elements work together. The green spine of the magazine ties in with the green teaspoon and stem/leaves, while the angle of the stem creates interest and height.



No. 2 multiple stems

With a vase this size you need to firstly consider what type of flowers you are going to use. For a multi-stem look, small and dainty flowers are more suitable for this vase as it has a delicate feel about it. These pretty pink petals are super sweet and 3-4 stems fit in here nicely, just remember to strip the leaves off them first.



No.3 a trio

Stylists like to use groups of three, it creates a good balance visually if you are using more than one of something. Although I personally have a ‘thing’ about odd numbers! For this look cut the stems at different heights, this will make the overall look more interesting, but don’t have more than an inch between the lengths.


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