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At this time of year it can be hard to know which tog duvet to have on – I’m a winter duvet girl, but the husband would like a thinner one on all year round! So when Soak&Sleep asked if I’d like to test some of their products I jumped at the chance. Then they mentioned WOOL – yes, that itchy stuff that reminds you of those super scratchy jumpers your gran made for you for Christmas, that your mum insisted you wore when she visited…. ‘Are you sure you mean wool?’ I asked, ‘A wool duvet? And wool pillows?’ YES Sophie… ‘Will they be itchy?’ NO Sophie! Oh, okay then 🙂

I was gifted the Luxury New Zealand wool duvet and two of these pillows, together with this beautiful white Pintuck bedding set. 


I’ve always found the transition from a winter duvet to a thin and wispy summer duvet rather hard. But this duvet is a great ‘in-between’ option, it feels thick and has more substance than a summer one, so it has made me happy AND kept me warm during the rather odd weather we’ve had in the last few months! My husband immediately fell in love with the pillows, firm yet cosy, they’re really comfy and we definitely feel you get a better night’s sleep. 

So why wool? It’s a great material that is naturally temperature regulating; it allows your body to breathe when it’s warmer, and keeps you warm when it is chilly. As a naturally hypoallergenic material, the duvets and pillows are a great choice for children and allergy sufferers too. 


This bedding set is ideal if you love white but also fancy a bit of texture. Made from super smooth 100% cotton in a luxurious 200 thread count, the pin tuck design gives a modern stripe effect. 


I asked Sarah Smith, Head of Buying at Soak&Sleep how we should transition with our duvets and bedding at this time of year, and of course, it’s also relevant during the autumn months.


1. Tips on transitioning from winter to spring 

Spring is all about that fresh feeling. Out with the old, in with the new!

A good old-fashioned Spring Clean is a great start and your bed should be your first port of call.  Rotate your mattress; check your pillows are not flat or worn; check all your protectors are in good shape and un-do your all-season duvet to use the 9.0 tog or Spring section.  Now is a good time to wash the other part of your all-seasons duvet before storing it away ready for the summer.

For the finishing touch, invest in a new set of bed linen with a pop of colour to bring a fresh, vibrant feel to the room or a new throw or blanket to add layers for the still chilly nights.


2. Benefits of wool for the spring

Although we all like to think that spring marks the beginning of better weather… it’s not always the case. Wool is perfect for classic British indecisive weather. The natural fill has temperature regulating properties which helps adjust to your body temperature during the night. So, whatever weather spring may bring – you’ll be the perfect temperature. 


3. Do you have any predictions for bedding this year – does it follow trends? 

Absolutely, millennial pink is still abundant on the high street and continues to be one of our bestselling colours in our French Linen range.  Pink grows up this year into deeper and richer tones and I think colour confidence is growing as we see the use of various tones of ultraviolet and watery greens across the sector.


4. There seems to be a big linen resurgence currently, has linen bedding become more popular than cotton? 

Our linen business continues to grow and customers’ colour confidence is growing, especially in this material.  It’s laid back look and easy care credentials make it a customer favourite and it works particularly well with the ongoing popularity of Scandi-inspired interiors.

That said, our Egyptian cotton ranges have most certainly not gone out of fashion. The timelessness of a fresh Egyptian cotton linen and it’s ability to create a hotel luxe feel at home make it a classic and with a choice of thread counts and finishes its appeal is broad. 


5. What are you top 3 tips for getting the best sleep?

I’m a Soak&Sleeper – I take my sleep VERY seriously!

1. Take time to create a bed with the right comfort and support for your needs.  I get really hot at night and am evangelical about the benefits of a wool duvet, it really has transformed my sleep. I also love my latex pillow which makes my head feel weightless when I sleep.

2. Take time to wind down before bed and try to keep a regular sleep pattern. I use square Hungarian Goose Down pillows on my bed and they are the perfect support for a good read before the lights go out.

3. Create a tranquil bedroom space, clear out the clutter and banish the TV.  Try to steer clear of mobile devices before bedtime, easier said than done!


6. Toppers get mentioned a lot, how important are they and should we all invest in one?

Toppers help to adjust the comfort and/or support of the mattress you sleep on. A top hotel-tip is to use a soft to medium firmness one to re-create that lazy lie-in feeling. They also can help to add warmth or regulate temperatures – wool will add support whilst staying at an optimal temperature to suit your body whereas down-rich options add insulation and warmth.


What’s your favourite interior buy?

A rather indulgent purchase of a set of 12 large, fine brass frames that I’m going to use to create a wrap around the corner of two walls of my living room to house a collection of prints of my travels.


What are you currently coveting?

I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of armchairs for what feels like forever and I can’t get the Duresta Carnaby out of my mind!  


Where’s your happy place?

It’s hard to narrow down to one place as to me it can often be more about a feeling and who I’m with that creates that happy place feeling. I often feel that in my own home as it’s my little sanctuary but if I was pushed I’ll always have a soft spot for Kalkan in Turkey, the views are to die for and I’ve had wonderful times there with my family, friends and partner.


[this post is in conjunction with Soak&Sleep who kindly gifted me the above items]


  1. May 11, 2018 / 12:38 pm

    Fab facts here Sophie. Absolutely love a pin tuck bedding set. Timeless classics. x

    • SWSdahlia
      May 11, 2018 / 12:44 pm

      Thank you! It really is great bedding and the duvet has that cosy crunchy sound which I love!

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