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How can I style a vase with foliage and flowers successfully? This is a question I’ve been asked a few times and the answer is, it’s simple, you just need to follow a few rules of thumb. For me, a vase of blooms looks best when it’s full of a variety of shapes, textures and colour – and interestingly, these are the types of arrangement that do my best on my instagram feed and have the best impact visually.

vintage jug with foliage and flowers on a white chair

1. A bountiful look

I used eucalyptus in both directions to create the main shape of the image above with the aim to make my jug look full and dramatic. I then added in the odd bloom or two – all chosen for their petal size and texture. To finish, I popped in that beautiful pink dahlia and kept it long enough to peek out.


maroon glass vase with eucalyptus and dahlia

2. Less is more 

The image above certainly follows the ‘less is more’ philosophy and one that I love as much as a more full on look. One of the rules of styling is to group items in three’s and this also works well with stems. The eucalyptus and pink dahlia are from the same bunch as the main image. *TOP TIP* – when you buy flowers don’t put them all in one vase, pop some in smaller vases like this one and place in the bathroom or on your bedside table.


foliage bunch with brightly coloured flowers on a pink wall

3. Shades of green

The most interesting bunches are those that have the most variation, this pretty selection above has two types of greenery that gives you various shades of green as well as different textures. Foliage also adds as a contrast against the colours of the flowers and helps them to pop visually – like the beautiful rose shown here.

I hope you find this useful, do let me know and if you have a go yourself I’d love to see your blooms, please use #stylewithblooms if you do.


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vintage jug with foliage and flowers on a white chair




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