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I was recently asked to do a review of a mirror from MirrorDeco’s collection. I jumped at the chance as I really like their products. They have three main areas; modern, industrial and vintage chic. Each section has a wide range of choice – from rectangular to round, hexagonal to square and more unusual designs like heart-shaped wall stickers and printed face wall art with a choice of wall, floor, free-standing, kids, frameless and window pane designs. Their collection is curated with care, and as a result they have a very good mix that will suit all style homes. Mirrors are an essential part of our homes, as well using them for the obvious reason they can also help bounce light around a room that will then give the illusion of space – not only will it make the room appear lighter, it will also look bigger. So they are always worth investing in and they can quite dramatically change the look of a room.

The mirror I chose is called Rack, it has a smart white finish – but also comes in black – and is square with deep set glass. The sides are curved which gives it a friendly profile and the most exciting part of it is the shelf! How handy is that?! So the big question was where should I put it? I have an 11.5 year old son who had recently mentioned having his room painted, plus the fact that he is of the age where he’s *just* starting to take more notice of his appearance… so a plan was hatched!

His walls were originally white, so we went off to B&Q and had a look at some paint colours. He chose a mid-toned orange that will add warmth to the North facing room, which actually doesn’t get as much light as the front of the house. Another good reason to have a mirror in there.

Once the walls were painted and had been left to dry for a few days the mirror was hung, (it came with 3 screws and 2 rawl plugs). The shelf is such a fantastic idea, and my son can keep his trio of cacti that he loves on it as well as little bits of lego that he has kept from years gone by!

Please note: this post is in conjunction with MirrorDeco but all views are my own. You can also find them on Facebook and Pinterest.


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