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I realise I’m a bit late for a New Year resolution post, but I was inspired by fellow Instagrammer, Gabrielle Treanor who is a great advocate in ‘being happy’ and us all living our lives to the fullest, and she’s a great stationery designer to boot, catch her at thegreengables.co.uk. Each year Gabrielle chooses a word to live by for the year, so it got me thinking… and I have chosen ‘balance’.

As a self-employed mum who single parents, I’m often asked how I deal with everything… well, the answer is, I don’t, or I do but not in the way I would like! There are times when I have mega deadlines and have to work evenings and weekends, but there’s also times when I take the morning off and scoot into Leeds for a bit of inspiration.

I love what I do, and I love my son but trying to keep it ‘even’ is hard and I only have the one kid – I have no idea how people with more manage…! I love the idea of having a perfect life, but I guess none of us do, the grass is always greener etc. My ideal would be to wake up earlier (I have an issue with waking up in the dark), do at least 30 mins of yoga, make a healthy breakfast, do the school run, walk the dog, get loads of work done in my super clean and organised house, school pick up, cook (I hate cooking) a fantastic meal and have quality time with my boy and husband! I can tell you that very little of that actually happens, more like running out of the house late and trying not to shout, come home, work like a demon, realise there’s no food in the house, run (not literally) to Tesco, grab something, school pick up, dog walk, work again, and fall into bed…!

I’m very lucky that my boy is used to what I do, he’s really good at amusing himself and I make sure we have days where we do things together. I was brought up by self-employed parents, there was always someone at home which was nice, and I actually feel it’s a good way to do it. The struggle comes from those times when deadlines need to be met, homework needs supervising, there’s an issue that needs talking over from school or you simply both need chill time together. Then, you add a lovely new husband and a naughty beagle to the mix (I’m not with my son’s dad) and it makes for an interesting and sometimes chaotic life! How do you manage?


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